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Crafting Recipes:
Hi there! This is the official wiki page for Beyond Vanilla's crafting recipes. This page is small at the moment, but will grow incredibly as more crafting recipes are added. Thank you for your patience!

Rubellite Crystal (9x Rubellite Shard)

Block of Rubellite (9x Rubellite Crystal)

Plutonium Crystal (9x Plutonium Shard)

Plutonium Sword (2x Plutonium Crystal + 1 Stick)

Plutonium Axe (3x Plutonium Crystal + 2 Sticks)

Plutonium Hammer (6x Plutonium Crystal + 1 Stick)

Block of Plutonium (9x Plutonium Crystal)

Ceramic Bricks (Dyeable) (Bricks + Any Dye)

Pattern Ceramic Bricks (Any Ceramic Bricks + Smelting)

Luxury Ceramic Bricks (Any Pattern Ceramic Bricks + Smelting)