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Gameplay Mechanics

Combat Rebalance:
On Beyond Vanilla, we have made some changes to how combat works. First up, the server does not use the 1.9+ combat timer system. It uses 1.8- combat as it's base. However, there's a new gimmick introduced. Your weapon now has a random, but slight chance to "miss" and enter a short cooldown when it does. The best way to avoid triggering this miss chance is to hit only when necessary. The more you spam click, the more chances you're taking that you will enter a cooldown. On top of this, the weapons still use the 1.9+ damages and mechanics, and Shields still block 100% of damage. All of these features combined adds for an interesting cross between 1.8 and 1.9 combat.

On top of all of this, we have made some additional changes as well. All types of potions can now be stacked up to stacks of 16 in your inventory. Throwables, such as Enderpearls, Eggs, and Snowballs can now be stacked up to stacks of 64 in your inventory.

Enchanting Rebalance:
On Beyond Vanilla, certain Enchantments can now go above their Vanilla levels, and a new Enchantment entirely has been introduced. This new Enchantment is known as "Soulbound", which goes up to V. When you die with Soulbound, you keep the item that had been enchanted with it, however you lose a level of the enchantment. Once you have lost all levels of the enchantment, you lose the enchantment entirely, and must re-enchant your weapon with Soulbound once again.

The new max enchantment values that can be obtained on Beyond Vanilla are as follows:
Sharpness X
  • Includes it's variants: Smite and Bane of Arthropods
 Power X
• Protection V
  • Includes it's variants: Blast, Fire, and Projectile
 Thorns V

Please take note and be aware though that despite these new enchantment level heights, the "Too Expensive" cap on Anvils has not been raised. Due to this, you will have to be careful with how to enchant your weapons. As a tip of advice, it is optimal that you use books to enchant instead of combining tools, as that will reduce the experience level costs.

Villager Trading Rebalance:
Due to the broken nature of Vanilla Minecraft's villager trading system, we have overhauled the trading system with some important changes. First up, enchantment books that you purchase from Villagers are now much more expensive. Second up, Raids are no longer farmable for Emeralds, and Hero of The Village no longer applies upon defeating a Raid, thus making the only valuable use for Raids obtaining Totems of Undying and Saddles. Third up, the Zombie Villager cure discount no longer applies, either. If you want those Mending books, you will have to work for it.

Leveled Mobs:
On Beyond Vanilla, there is a new system known as "Leveled Mobs". Basically, all Hostile Mobs now spawn with a certain "level", and the higher their level, the more dangerous they are. Lower level mobs (such as Levels 1-3) aren't that much of a threat, but high-level mobs (like Levels 5-6) can be incredibly dangerous, even being capable of swiftly killing those in full Enchanted Netherite. This new "leveling" system also applies to Bosses as well, so have fun trying to fight the Wither, who goes up to Level 20. We recommend bringing a team for that one!