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Welcome to BeyondVanilla!
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Basic Commands:

Default Rank & Higher:

• /help - Directs you to this page.

• /wiki - Also directs you to this page.

• /website - Directs you to the website.

• /apply - Directs you to staff applications.

• /store - Takes you to our official store.

• /discord - Takes you to our official discord server.

• /youtube - Directs you to our official YouTube channel (Radical's YouTube!)

• /lands - Opens up the GUI for the land claiming system.

• /lands help - Opens up the help menu for the land claiming system.

• /sethome <name> - Sets up to 3 homes.

• /home <name> - Takes you to one of  your homes.

• /delhome <name> - Deletes one of your homes.

• /msg <player> - Privately messages another player.

• /tpa <player> - Teleports you to another player.

• /tpahere <player> - Teleports another player to you.

• /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request.

• /tpacancel - Cancels a teleport request you had sent out.

• /balance - Allows you to check your in-game balance.

• /pay <player> <amount> - Allows you to pay another player from your in-game balance.

• /auction (or /ah) - Opens up the auction house. (Player Shops)

• /auction help (or /ah help) - Shows the help page for auctions.

• /auction sell <price> <amount> - Allows you to sell up to 5 items on the Auction House.

• /playerwarps (or /pw) - Takes you to the public player warps page.

• /pw help - Shows you all of the commands for player warps.

• /warps - Shows you a list of official server warps.

• /warp <name> - Takes you to an official server warp.

• /furniture - Opens up the official Furniture Shop.

• /hdb - Opens up the official Heads Database shop.

• /realname <player> - Displays a nicknamed player's real username.